November 18, 2011

An open letter to Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, Ms. Hillary Clinton, Mr. Yang Jiechi, Mr. Surin Pitsuwan, and world leaders


Senior General Than Shwe of Burma held national referendum in 2008 to adopt self-approved Constitution while the nation was suffering the worst natural disaster in its history. Then, he staged a completely rigged election in 2010 where he announced his own Union Solidarity Development Party (USDP) a winner of 80% civilian seats while his army holds a grip on 25% of the Parliament. From behind the scene, the puppet master orchestrates his plan to solidify the perceptual rule by placing hand-picked cronies and henchmen to key positions of this new government.

While luring international communities with promise of reforms and deceiving with cosmetic changes to fend off Western pressure and to gain international legitimacy; USDP government has not made the slightest change in its core culture of impunity. To date, it has not recognized the very existence of all political prisoners let alone releasing them; it continues to build mega infrastructure projects with disastrous environmental consequences without consent from the public, and it remains to reign over ethnic states with fear and terror.

Terrorism is defined as violent acts which are intended to create fear and terror, are perpetrated within a religious, political or ideological goal, and deliberately target or disregard the safety of non-combatants (civilians). Since June 9th, 2011 innocent civilians from Kachin and Shan States have fled their homes and abandoned their properties in fear of the government troops. The self professed government soldiers intentionally robbed Christian worshippers, confiscated church’s tithe and offering, looted, and burnt homes, livestock, and crops to instill fear in the public. Then, the government forced Kachin in the urban areas and its stooges to sign letter of discontent against Kachin Independence Organization. Later on August 20th 2011, Thein Sein read self-written letters on the state media that Kachin people are seeking for assistance from his government. In reality, there is not a single IDP from over 30,000 in Kachin state who has sought refuge in a USDP office. Burma Army has relentlessly launched attacks against its unarmed/non combatant civilians and captured young men to serve as porters while raping, enslaving, and executing young women with impunity. Prisoners (including monks) were mobilized to the front line to serve as human shields in Northern Shan State. Arbitrary shooting/bombing, brutally torturing, bodily mutilations, burning to death, summary executions are prevalent atrocities perpetrated Burma Army battalions upon arrivals to Kachin villages. Above all, reports of chemical weapon used by Burma Army in battles against Kachin Army in three locations: Ntap Bum, Lung Zep kawng, and Shwe Nyaung Pyin have begun, since the week of Oct 17, 2011. After chemical weapon shells exploded in Kachin Army posts, dark smoke billowed and a unique type of gun powder odor emitted, symptoms include nausea, dehydration, vomiting, fainting, and long term effects are still under investigation. All these acts of terror are perpetrated for a political goal of indefinite rule by a tyrant. We, the people, support the KIO’s resistance against the USDP government.

The modern day Burma was founded after Pang Long agreement was reached with ethnic leaders in Feb 12th, 1947. If this self-appointed government of Burma desires genuine ethnic harmony and national reconciliation, it has no reason to ignore the very foundation of the Union, the Pang Long spirit. The Kachin Independence Organization is not waging a war of separatist movement, ethnic autonomy, or fighting exclusively for the Kachins’ rights. It is defending for the rights of all the inhabitant of the Union of Burma including the soldiers of all ranks in the Burma Army. We firmly stand against the ideology that only ONE TYRANT has the sole authority to determine the destiny of a nation. We desire to live in the Burmese Union as a Kachin, Karen, Chinese, Shan, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, a Buddhist Monk, or a self-enlisted soldier and not need to falsify legal documents to be admitted to medical school or obtain promotion in social services. Without will, the entire country of Burma is held hostage to capitulate culture of impunity.

Therefore, we plea the International community to: 1) Recognize and directly engage with the United National Federal Council of Burma and the National League for Democracy 2) Stop engagement with the USDP regime until it holds tripartite dialogue 3) Help Internally Displaced People and civil war refugees
We call on the world’s leaders (who have the responsibility, power, and opportunity) to take the urgent action that is needed to stop marginalizing minorities and help save the ethnic people of Burma.

This open letter is signed by 2,237 Kachins and supporters from 22 countries.
1. Australia Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Wollongong, Doonside
2. Austria Vienna
3. Canada Calgary, Montreal, Toronto,
4. Czech Republic Cesky Krumlov
5. Denmark Ribe, Esbjerg, Ronne, NexÃ, Gudhjem, Faarvejle, Otterup, Nyborg, Faaborg, Hojby,
6. India Dibrugarh, Guwahati
7. Isreal Tel Aviv
8. Japan Sendai, Tokyo
9. Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
10. Netherlands Oudbeijerland, Puttershoek, Groningen
11. New Zealand Auckland, Levin, Wellington, Henderson, Papatoetoe, One Tree Hill, Onehunga, Block House Bay
12. Norway Bø i Telemark, Oslo, Sortland, Drangedal, Bamble
13. Philippines Manila
14. Portugal Marco de Canaveses
15. Singapore Singapore
16. Sweden MalmÃ
17. Thailand Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Measot,
18. United Kingdom Hounslow, Milton Keynes, Oxford, London, Feltham, Southampton, Swansea, Middlesex
19. United States AR, AZ, CA, CO, DC, DE, FL, GA, HI, IA, IL IN, KY, LA, MA, MD, MI, MN, MO, MS, NC, ND, NE, NV, NY, OK, OR, PA, SC, TX, UT, VA, WA, WI
20. Vietnam Da Nang
21. Zimbabwe Harare
22. Burma Myitkyina, Moe Mok, Kut Kai, Monyin, Wai Maw, Sinbo, Seng Ra, Sumprabum, Mung Ding Pa, Mung Hkawng, Kung Law, Nam Lim Pa, Daw Hpun Yang, Kai Htik, Mai Hkawng, Hka La Yang, Mai Ja Yang, N Ba Pa, Hpakant, Sadung, Bhamo, Kangming, ManJei, Jahpwi, Mung Paw, Kyeng Tong, Man Je, Shwi Gu, Man Wing, Yangon, Mogaung,

Help Save Ethnic People of Burma Alliance
Columbia, MD 20144
United States of America
nsanggumsan@gmail. com

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