March 31, 2013

Now, I am in Myitkyina...(Kachin Province, Myanmar)


Meet with KBC refugees program and KBC Main Office. K.D Tu Lun is away (Yangon) and many leaders are reforming as our country reform.
I have to reform for best horizontal relation with people. Of course, we have personal good relationship with GOD but I am poor in horizontal relationship. Please, pray for me.
So far, I do not have Saya Naw La's (bible school principle) address or hand phone.

IDP International Displacement Program ...
Head office in Kachin State is at KBC compound in Myitkyina.
Staffs and Volunteers are mostly graduates of Bible School. eg. Saya Sai Li, Say Khun Myo Ja, Say Bran Nu). They work for
- Shelters
- Food
- Household, clothing .. for Kachin military conflicts with KIA and Burmese Army.
Many NGO are helping Kachin refugees but only few stationed in Myitkyina.  NGO used local manpower for physical help to refugee camps.  One of British NGO "Oxfam" is working closely to KBC and Roman Catholic Christian organization.  
Electricity in Kachin State
Total approx 100,000 people are homeless and many cities and large village are burn to ash. It can become ethnic fighting if Mighty Myanmar Military not withdraw from Kachin KIA Territories. Now, Myitkyina electricity is blackout for 3 weeks. This electricity was supply by KIA hydro PowerStation and one tower was damaged by fighting (KIA said, it was damaged by Burmese Air Fighter Jets, Myanmar gov. said, it was damaged by KIA bomb.)... KIA hydro power distribute to Myitkyina (unit proce cost is Myanmar military and gov office 50 kyat, 160 kyat to public, 250 kyats to industries). Now, no one repair and we survive by solar panel lighting system or petro-generators in Myitkyina). My homophone charge also problem.

I have to go Generator-Power Internet Cafe (1 hour 600 kyats) and charge my laptop, Singapore Phone, Myanmar hand phone ..etc.

A solar cell shop in Myitkyina

A electrical shop at Myitkyina, Kachin State is selling Solar Panel. Price is 3 x 4 feed is kyat 1.5 leks... small one 1x0.8 feet is kyat 12000 only. That can charge a LED battery light for one night use. Jan2013

 A lot of Solar Cell panels are selling to public. Day time, battery light is charged by 1x1feet solar cell. Night time, that light can serve 5 hours.  Some people use hugh solar cell panel to supply entire house lighting system.  Of course, not feasible to run TV, Video and water pump by solar system because of battery storage is not good enough for long term.  In Burma , Kachin ...  people never look at long term, they see short term and using Chinese Product. 

Most of Chinese Products are "short term" and we suffer, poorer in long term.

Resources (Jade Mine, Gold Mine and Teak business)

In 2010, Burma official export of Jade value is US$2 billion.   A lot of Jade mine are short term business by Chinese companies. There are so many local Jade industry experts' market in Mandalay but later that people move to China because of Myanmar government's corruption system.  How is Jade Production, a video link 5 minutes will help to analyse.   Now, because of Kachin guerrilla war, Jade business was stopped and Jade companies (from China) are withdrawing.
ကခ်င္ျပည္ ဖားကန္႔ေဒသမွ ေက်ာက္စိမ္းတြင္းမ်ား၊ ဘူဒိုဇာစက္ၾကီးမ်ားျဖင့္ တူးေဖၚ၊ေရာင္းခ်မႈ Video Link


Ledo Road was built during Second World War to supply chain from China to India where British & American army are resisting Japanese Army.  Due to Myanmar Military government's isolation policy, this road is useless.  Now, booming China and India need this road to re-activate.  If this road is really work, Burma (Myanmar) people will get US$ billion tax from two giant countries , China and India.
Last 17 years of Peace between Burmese army and KIA was broke.  China-Kachin border towns are destroyed by burning houses which were built with brick, teak ..etc.  Civilazation of 17 years was finished in few days.  Approximated 100,000 refugees are located by KBC Kachin Baptist Convention and Roman Catholic.  In Burma, only the Kachin ethnic are almost 99% Christian.  Kachin considered themselves as Israel tribes and prayers is their only hope to prevent mighty Burmese and Chinese. Kachin believe that they are a candle light to tell the Jesus Gospel to Burmese and Chinese.

Communication and Transportation for Kachin

Last decated, Kachin and border towns people use China mobile or Thailand mobile because call to Myanmar is very expensive, very difficult.  In Myanmar 2013, very good mobile network and internet cafe starting to build by wireless towers all over the country. ... Improving like rockets. God start blessing to our people.
Kachin Province is only one train way from Mandalay to Myitkyina.  All Kachin people need "salt or rice" , imported from Mandalay via train service. Since Jade and gold business started at Pha-kant region, many Thailand products arrived to Kachin Province.  People got high income and they got spending power. All bad things such as opium, drug, drink alcohol, gambling, sex, fighting, smuggling ..etc came together with money.  Local youth work for money.  Finally, youths are un-educated and drug addicted.  I remember, British opium war to China ... now it happened to Kachin People. 

Business is good, then transportation from China to Kachin has a lot of profits.  Last two decades, China is under communist rule and world the poorest people.  Now, in 20 years period, China become world No.2 economic power after American.  Why China become developing very fast ?   it is good question.  Government top leaders are nationalists.  Their death panalty for drug, corruption "Kill a Big Fish" policy is working but people still doing corruption..  let it be.  Because, Yuna Province (one of the poorest province in China) is neighbor of Myanmar and Vietnam.  Yunan government's business plan eg. Jade, Hydro Power, Teak, Industries...etc are China Government Investment Master Plan.

Therefore, transportation road from Yunan Provice to Kachin Province or Shan Province are fast grow business.

Tax for fair and square trading (China vs Myanmar)

Now, Myanmar corruption system caused "world highest business area". Too expensive to do business in Myanmar compare to Vietnam, China...etc.  Due to corruption of government officials and cronies (so called , rich man who pocketed the government officials) are too aggressive.  Now, Myanmar top business are "selling country resources including manpower".  Therefore, exporting Oil and Gas, exporting electricity to China, exporting fish business, exporting farm and agri-business, teak business, exporting Jade, Gold, Copper ..mining business ..etc.  To support those export business, Myanmar need "Construction" and "Mobile phone, internet" business.

To do business in Myanmar, there is big corruption by government officials.  Now, government top officers are reforming (stop from their post). Government top officers are considering for jail sentence to corrupted officers as well as "confiscate their properties"...   So far, Myanmar government not "kill a big fish" yet.

License Fee in Myanmar (Corruption) are too much and government top officers are working together with Cronies (rich and puppet of authorities). Result is "TOO EXPENSIVE" everything compare with China Products. The most expensive is "Land & House Price" .. 3 to 5 times higher than neighbor countries. Government is working on FDI and top ministers corruption and no time for "tax of china Products" .

Government is concentrating on FDI Foreign Direct Investment because Myanmar new government need money. Government try to help the world poorest people but poor and rich difference is too much. Prices are increased to highest in local south east Asia.  Big companies from China, Japan, EU and American are keeping coming to get high profits for long term agreement.  Small and Median business (main industry for long term Myanmar) are falling down due to China free-flow products.

Hope, Burma (Myanmar) will be better and better than the past. Waiting for you or Your friends.. comeback to help by your technology and foreign experiences.  Important is to be peace with China and America as well as India.  The most important is "not to forget" - peace with Kachin ethnic who live between giants China and India.

Best Wish
Witmone , Date 10 Feb 2013

2 years long Kachin KIA arm fighting is ceased by Myanmar Government army but large Burmese army is already located at KIA dominated regions.
City of Kachin State (Myitkyina) and City of KIA business town "Laiza" are now normal electrical power.  KIA broadcasting from Liza town is ongoing to tell Kachin People the goodness of KIA guerrilla war that will prevent Kachin race existance.
Anyway, Kachin people suffer by Kachin resources between China, India and Burma.
End Msg.  10Mar2013 Story of Kachin Conflict and Photo from Ngunjawa


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